Meghan DiMarco is a recent graduate from OCAD University with a major in Integrated Media, aiming to join the film industry. Her artwork illustrates a fictional world filled with pop culture references and high contrast visuals creating an overall high energy environment for her audience to become immersed within. Her mixture of mediums and playful take on art creates an entirely new world for the audience to escape to when reality becomes too serious.

          Meghan has been surrounded by art her entire life, from her mother's drawings and paintings framed on the walls of their home to the sound of her father playing classic rock songs on his guitar, seeping through the vents and travelling through the entire house. Meghans many years of art classes and creative endeavours have guided her to pursue a career in the arts, specifically the film industry. While growing up, Meghan was introduced to an eclectic assortment of films which inspired her interest in the art of editing. Her fast paced editing style heavily driven by the music she chooses creates unique and upbeat visuals for its audience.

          Meghans appetite for art and desire to explore any medium she can get her hands on drives her work to be original, exciting and captivating. 

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