How to be a Lady, Thesis 2021

Etiquette describes how one is expected to behave and in some cases appear, in order to please others or fit a certain standard. Etiquette is forced onto women in order to make them fit a mould created by society. For centuries specific tasks and ways of being, were personified as things only for women. This creates a particularly small box in which a woman should fit and be deemed proper.​ 'How to be a Lady​' is a satirical video, where drag queen, Cassi, teaches her audience​ how to be a lady ​using outdated women’s etiquette. Cassi embodies an exaggerated style of femininity which complements the style of Rococo. 'How to be a Lady' was heavily inspired by Rococo and Pop culture aesthetics. 

How to be a Lady, 2021


Huge thank you to Diana Fire for helping me with this project! You can follow her on instagram at @thedragdiana, linked below!

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